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Birth and Family Health/
Prenatal Care

Doctors treat pediatric patient at Birth and Family and Prenatal Care Health Centers in Sacramento

The Birth and Family Health Center offers clinical nurse midwifery services featuring the ‘centering pregnancy’ model. This empowering, preventative, and community-building program connects expectant mothers to community services, provides comprehensive prenatal checkups, and facilitates care into the hospital system for delivery. The program is offered in other sites, and is blended with WellSpace Health’s service products including Home Visitation, ‘Well Baby,’ and Primary Care Services.

Prenatal Care and Obstetrics

You greatly increase the likelihood of having a healthy baby by getting early and regular prenatal care. In addition to providing routine prenatal care, we offer the “Centering” model of care.

Centering is a model of group health care delivery that is changing how people think about their care. The model has three components: health care assessment, education, and support, provided in a group facilitated by a credentialed health provider. The program is designed to teach pregnant women how to monitor and care for their own health and that of their baby.
Patients in our prenatal program deliver their babies at Sutter Memorial, Mercy General or Mercy Methodist, which all have a comprehensive obstetrical services.


  • It's important to get early and regular prenatal care.

  • Our staff is available to help prenatal patients with enrollment in Medi-Cal or other programs that may cover the cost of prenatal care and delivery.

The services described on this page can be accessed at these locations:
   J Street Community Health Center
   Oak Park Community Health Center
   South Valley Community Health Center
   North Highlands Multi-Service Center