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How You Can Help
& Impact of Your Donations

As a non-profit organization, WellSpace Health needs contributions from individuals like you. Your contributions play a vital role in the success of the agency. Your support makes a difference! You enable WellSpace Health to provide the high-quality, caring services Sacramento has depended on for over 50 years. Here are the various ways you can help us:

  • Volunteer your time to make a difference!

  • Gifts of Cash – To make an on-line donation, click here.

  • United Way Donor Designation – Just enter WellSpace Health's donor number, 3176, on your payroll deduction form through your employer.

  • Bequests from your Will – Name WellSpace Health as a beneficiary in your will.

  • Honor a Loved One – Name WellSpace Health as the beneficiary of memorial gifts for your loved one or in honor of a loved one.

  • Matching Gift Program at Work – Some employers will match your donation to local charities

  • Major Gifts Program – Annual, quarterly, or monthly donations.

Impact of Your Donations

  • To Expand Collaboration and Innovation
    WellSpace Health designed and delivers mental health and substance abuse services in partnership with St. John's Shelter for Homeless Women and Children. WellSpace Health is seeking other collaborative opportunities with other non-profit organizations to increase efficiency and assure high impact results with limited charitable contributions.

  • To Preserve The Effort and Continue a 50-year Legacy of Community Service
    WellSpace Health's vital programs are supported by government contracts, foundation grants, fees for services, and charitable donations for over 50 years. Funding from each of these sources has been slowly but steadily reduced due to tough economic times and budget reductions. The result is that without solid, predictable funding sources, children and their families will suffer.

  • To Pay for Uncompensated Indigent Care/Student Intern Support
    Many of those who come to us in need of mental health services have no ability to pay. Help for these clients is provided in part by student interns working on advanced degrees in social work and family counseling. While these interns work for free, there is a cost to provide supervision and space for treatment.

  • To Develop New Programs
    The most cost effective way to help at-risk children and families is to develop prevention programs. The availability of start-up funds for program development is the greatest barrier preventing WellSpace Health from effectively developing long-term solutions to the problems facing our community. An adequate source of "seed money" is needed for new program development.

  • To Maintain Technology
    The need for effective communication and management information systems is critical. A centralized network--including automated client record keeping, tracking of evaluation criteria, and measuring outcomes--significantly improves treatment and the cost effectiveness of every program.

  • To Renovate and Expand
    Renovation and expansion of WellSpace Health's buildings have been lacking due to the ongoing demand for increased program resources. These needs remain unaddressed while programs and services continue to expand significantly.

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