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Physician give immunization shots to Medicare patient at Oak Park Community Medical Clinic

Immunizations: Preventing Infectious Diseases

It's not just children who need their shots. Adults' immunization needs vary according to age, their occupation and a range of other risk factors. Although many people assume that the immunizations they received as children will protect them throughout their lives, this is not always the case.

Our medical providers can help you determine what immunizations you need. We provide immunization services for all ages, including:

  • Childhood immunizations

  • Flu shots (for Effort patients only)

  • Pneumonia vaccine (recommended for adults over 65 as well as those with certain chronic conditions)

  • HPV vaccine (recommended for girls and young women)

  • Tetanus shots (recommended for everyone every ten years)

Immunizations are available by appointment. Our immunization clinics are open to all Sacramento Area families, including those who are low income or uninsured, as well as people who are enrolled in Medi-Cal or Medi-Cal managed care plans.


  • There may be a charge for some immunizations.

  • Parents must bring their child's immunization record and information about family income and medical insurance coverage, including Medi-Cal.

The services described on this page can be accessed at these locations:

   J Street Community Health Center
   Oak Park Community Health Center
   South Valley Community Health Center
   North Highlands Multi-Service Center