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Sacramento Violence Intervention Program (SVIP)

Sacramento Violence Intervention Program

Sacramento Violence Intervention Program (SVIP) is modeled on the evidence-based program Caught in the Crossfire (CiC). Caught in the Crossfire is a hospital-based peer violence intervention program, with goals of helping injured youth and reducing involvement with the criminal justice system. With the support of our program partner, Kaiser South Sacramento, WellSpace Health’s SVIP has replicated CiC and expanded it to work with youth in the schools who are at-risk for getting involved in violence, and youth on probation for violence. SVIP trains and employs young adults from the community who have overcome violence in their own lives.

Staff members have grown up in communities similar to those of the program participants and understand the conditions their clients and their families face every day. Staff act as case managers and mentors, working closely with youth and their families to assist them in leading a successful life without violence. Called “Intervention Specialists,” they promote positive alternatives to violence, and coordinate wrap-around services for youth and their families by providing information, referrals, and intensive follow-up services for up to one year.

The program is seamlessly integrated into Kaiser Trauma Center operations, and meets clients when they are inpatients at the hospital. SVIP then works in close collaboration with other programs of WellSpace Health and makes referrals to community resources such as: social workers, county mental health providers, probation officers, school administrators and other community-based organizations.

If you have any questions about the SVIP program, please contact DeAngelo Mack at (916) 201-0171.